Step inside the world of British horse showing, filled with corrupt institutions, antiquated practices and hilarious situations. You will follow the adventures of a group of competitors over the course of a competitive season filled with drama and ridiculous events that will leave you gasping for air between laughs of amusement. From former drug addicts to corrupt judges, and senile officials to aggravated competitors who must win at all costs, Sex, Drugs & Red Rosettes puts you in the saddle for the unbridled carnage of competitive horse showing.


Bobby Bright, 15 time national champion and 4 time Horse of The Year Show winner, is behind author of Sex, Drugs, & Red Rosettes. This luxury literary experience depicts the world of horse showing and equestrianism in acerbic detail. The comedy novel is based on his livelong affiliation with horse showing and graphically explains the processes of the organisations which run the sport, as well as the hilarious behaviour of the people who compete.

Sex, Drugs & Red Rosettes

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  • This limited-edition vegan leather hardback featuring a winner's rosette is made in Great Britain, using an innovative pressing method with 200-million-year-old petrified wood.